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Put a '62-64 pushbutton valve body in the '65 tranny!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 18, 2001


You have a good engine and tranny,now all you need is the '62-64 pushbutton valvebody. This will fit right into the '65 tranny,I've done it. You can use a pushbutton valvebody either from an A-727 (318 poly pattern) or the B-727 (B engine pattern) from '62 to '64. This will be a WAY better idea than using the A-413; 65 lbs. less, easier parts availability,and the '65 tranny has a slipyoke at the end instead of the ball and trunion assembly (both stronger AND easier to service than '64 and earlier!). For this reason, a '65 tranny with the pushbutton valve body is actually the ideal tranny for an engine-swapped Forward Look car.


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