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Re: head count tulsa buried 57

From: brandon prewett
Email: chrome_fins@yahoo
Date: February 19, 2001


guys, i am only about 45 miles south of tulsa, and i assure you, i'll be there "with bells on" as they say. since i found out about the time capsule about four years ago, i have put in a lot of hours, finding and practically memorizing everything i can find that has to do with the whoe thing. i been thinking about being there the nigth before and camping out on the court house lawn to get a good spot if i have to. feel sorry for the poor guy that has to clean all that cosmolene off the car before he can see what 50 years in a damp concrete bunker has left him with!!!! well, whoever is going to head up the cruise-in and show, keep me updated for sure!!! see yuo all there


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