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He will be if he wins the car,ha ha ha!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 19, 2001


Actually,Ian,Mike is a fellow old car/bike hobbyist that I've known for years. Funny thing is one day a few years ago out of the blue he mentioned that his father had seen a new car being buried. I IMMEDIATELY said "The gold '57 Belvedere in Tulsa,Oklahoma!!" and Mike said "How did YOU know that?" I lent him a few copies of various articles,including Life magazine (July 1,1957). Further conversations with him and his father reveal that his father entered the contest (the entries are on microfilm in a steel drum entombed with the car). Hey,at least I know someone who has a chance at the car! (the rules state the winner or their heir/s) I can say I've stood on top of it,if you count standing on the lawn in front of the Tulsa Courthouse (reading the plaque denoting the car buried below).

Now as you know,the winner might get a car with more rust on it than the Titanic,but if the concrete held together and Mike's father made the best guess,I'd say THAT would be something to put on Ebay!!!


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