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Re: head count tulsa buried 57

From: joe d.
Date: February 25, 2001


wow did i open a huge can of worms or what? I about sh when I saw the response to this post !! I hadn't checked it until today. If you all can't help me find a '58 by then, I guess i'll be standing there with my bumper wings I just bought off ebay!!!! Yes eric I do krates, and the only accessory I have for your bike is a set of nos taillights in the box. If you send me your address, I'll send you some nos violet handlebar tape if you need it.I have several rolls. I'm not sure of selling the taillights though yet.

I've gotten several people interested in seeing this car come up, and gave them the link with the countdowm counter. I get chills when I think about it. And to think that you folks from overseas are coming, that is great. we'd better get ahold of tulsa and let them know about the mass turnout they are going to have. it will be the best mopar car show ever! I guess I'll have to get a pull behind camper or a motorhome to stay in, cause there definitely will not be any rooms left. Do you think people near there would take room reservations now, or just laugh at us????/// i'll be honest, I'll be there a week ahead, just waiting feverishly to feel the chills running up my spine while waiting! hope I don't get put in jail for loitering and miss it!!!//


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