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DON'T!!! (and thanks,Mark!)

From: Daven Anderson
Date: March 01, 2001


Chrysler didn't make production 4-door convertibles after World War II,THANK GOD in this case because the lack of such cars could save this car from getting hacked up. (If I inferred what Veera said about the Finnish government correctly) The convertible unibody floorpan is substantially different from the 4-door hardtop unibody. A 4-dr. hardtop with its roof cut off could twist itself in a matter of months.

If Finnish government rules stop Veera from cutting up his classic Chrysler,I will write them personally to thank them! Their safety reasoning is sound in this case!

So Veera,DON'T DO THIS!!!!

(Gee,and I thought the guy who put the slant six in a '61 Fury convertible was bad,that's NOTHING next to this!)


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