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Re: engine/tranny update

From: Ben
Date: March 05, 2001


My 60 Windsor uses the same sub frame as yours and I did the same thing you want to. Your car has an RB 413 and any other RB 383,413,426,440 will bolt right in using your motor mounts, if you want to use a B 350,361,383,400 the only problem would be that you would have to move each of your exhaust manifolds down and in 3/8" but you should have dual exhaust and that would be a problem. You will probibly need to use your oil pan and pick-up, exhaust manifolds, coolant outlet, ect. off your engine, but the BB Mopars used 3 different altinator bolt patterns on the head so you might need to hunt around for the right one. If you wanted to use your cast iron tourqe flight you would have to use your crank shaft which has an 8 bolt flange in the new motor. I went with the aluminum push button 727 out of a 62 Chrysler or Imperial, it will bolt right in with it's cross member, it will be the same length as your old one so you wont have to change your drive line, it will take your push button cable but wont take your speedo cable, and the 62 has the parking brake on the trans so you will still have park but you will have to use your backing plate on the new trans so the cable will fit, not a problem. It's all just bolt on, I need not to modify a thing.

If anyone knows any different please correct me.


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