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Your 'pickup' is a better idea than a roofless unibody....

From: Daven Anderson
Date: March 05, 2001


I'm hardly the resto purist,my '60 wagon has a 440 a four speed floorshift and disc brakes,and my '61 Fury conv. has a hidden 600 watt CD stereo system! And I like the idea of a "El Camino" type Savoy! See now,Veera's FIRST post didn't say what shape the car was in,and a few people thought he was just going to hack the roof off a perfectly good-condition car. At least Veera posted again to state that the car is in fact burned up. If he had said that in the FIRST place,he might have got a few less heated posts about this. There's a BIG difference in what people will think of customizing a 'junkyard dog' vs. say a 30,000 mile near-mint original car. And as I said in the "Posts are interesting" post,I'm sure not against well-done phantom cars like your "El Camino" Savoy. Your Savoy still has a ROOF though,and it's body-on-frame. Removing the roof from a unibody is another matter,and it would never be as strong as a factory unibody convertible no matter how much money and time you spent on it. If Veera did a phantom 4-door conv. out of his hardtop,he needs to be advised of some of the structural issues this would cause. Your "El Camino" Savoy has less structural issues because it has a separate frame (and a roof!),it makes much more sense from a basic safety viewpoint.


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