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Re: Yet another brake conversion question

From: John in WI
Date: March 10, 2001


I converted to the dual master cylinder on my 59 Ply. Sub. using a new dual master cylinder for a 1970 Plymouth Belvedere...About $60.00 -$65.00, same as many other models from the late sixties into at least seventy, and available from NAPA and many other auto stores. I also installed a proportioning valve from the same vintage (67-70) Plymouth Belvedere...Satellite ..etc...I checked with my local MoPar dealer for the proportioning valve, and got lucky...he had one on the shelf without the package, so he let me have it for $10.00, I have since seen one on Ebay go for over $100.00 in the box! One other thing, I used the original style brake light switch, by installing a tee at the master cylinder, on the rear line, saved dinking around under the steering column installing a newer style switch, and I could use the original wiring. Check around in the wrecking yards, local dealers, should be to find one reasonable. John in WI


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