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Still stumped, getting pissed

From: Brian Cooper
Date: March 22, 2001


I have lost the headlight switch that was in my parts car, I took the broken switch I bought apart, got everything cleaned and checked with a multimeter before I put it together, then once it was put together the stupid piece of crap stuck solid. Now I have one switch in the car that has a broken rheostat, one switch with a stupid pot metal case that I fought for an hour to get together (it also took 45 minutes to get apart and two hours to find the rheostat control plate when it jumped out of the switch) that would work if the shaft weren't stuck, and a missing switch out of the parts car. I am not going to break my original switch trying to clean it. These cases are pot metal and I am afraid to take it apart again for fear of it breaking permanently. I studied the stupid switch forever, and marked the case and each piece so I could line everything up then I put it together, and it froze solid after I fought it into place.

So, since WD-40 didn't work, carb cleaner didn't work, brake cleaner didn't work, and the electrical supply house said that their stuff won't get out corrosion, what do I do? I am open to any ideas that don't involve buying a fourth switch that may or may not work (probably not) after laying around for almost fifty years.



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