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Installing Performer carbs on an OEM plymouth intake

From: Boyd Crompton
Date: March 27, 2001


I had to go to a little work but I have installed the Edelbrock performer carb's on my 58 318 poly. Rather than enlarge the intake holes for the larger butterflies I chose to use a 1/2" spacer under each carb. I am also using the original air cleaner assemblies so I had to make a spacer for those as well since the size is 4 1/2" instead of 5 1/8". I used the Edelbrock linkage kit and springs. I had to modify the cars throttle arm and make it about 2 1/2" shorter. I am a little concerned about hood clearance as I do not yet have the hood installed. The whole assembly sits about even with the top of the plastic heater core box. If it does not clear I may have to remove the carb spacers and enlarge the intake holes. The plus side is that it runs super! Very good responce and I think for looks and drivability it is well worth it. Thanks for all the help. Boyd


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