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Some silver,some red

From: Daven Anderson
Date: April 02, 2001


I've owned two poly 318 2 barrel '61 Plymouths in my life,one had a silver engine and one was red. (Both undeniably original engine paint).

My 'silver' car was Nov. '60 and my 'red' car was Mar. '61. It could be a running change,or the 4 different assembly plants may have used silver and/or red at same or different times. The red was used consistenly in 1962,for sure. It could well have been a gradual changeover to get all of the plants 'red' by the '62 model year (each plant would have used the silver on hand until their stocks ran out).

This is something like the '71 340's,some of those are orange and some are blue and it's not even date-related (orange and blue have overlapped datewise!).

Factories are mass-production oriented,after all. Item substitutions and running changes were the rule. My grandma's '66 Charger got a Dana 60 rear at no cost because the factory had run out of the 3:55 8" Sure-Grip rearends that week!


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