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Generator / Alternator conversion

From: Jon Grayson
Date: April 02, 2001


I have a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere 4-Dr. Sedan that I'm converting from generator to alternator. Trouble is, I'm a bit lost in wires. The alternator / solid state regulator setup I'm working with is from a 1974 Barracuda. It's a newly rebuilt alternator, so it should be good. I have the 'hot' wire running straight from the + terminal on the battery, as it was in the Cuda, but I only get a reading of around 2 volts from either field terminal when the car's running and they're connected through the regulator to the run (IGN) position on the switch. The 'Cuda diagrams say that's where the field wire should go, but I get nothing. Any help? What do I do with the other Field wire? Is it maybe just a bad alternator? Thanks in advance.



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