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Poly head advantages

From: Daven Anderson
Date: April 03, 2001


The poly engines have bigger valves than the LA 318 ('67-87) engines,and the exhaust ports are symmetrical instead of the siamesed center exhaust ports of the wedge design (so the poly runs a lot cooler). The poly heads ultimately flow more air than the wedge,but to take advantage of this you'd need to have a custom made camshaft and custom headers,and custom made valves would help. It can be done but a hotrod poly isn't easy. That said,a few 'stroker' (around 370 c.i.) polys have made over 500 hp! There's a link to the Polyshperical Engine Association homepage right here on the Forward Look homepage,click "A Growing List Of Links..." and you'll see it.

P.S. Putting the Mopar Performance 4" stroke LA circle track crank in a 0.060" overbored poly block would be a 396 c.i. engine,same as the big block Chevy which very closely cloned the poly!


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