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Re: Can't ANYTHING be easy (gas tank wrestling).

From: Frank J. Worsham, Jr.
Date: April 04, 2001


Hello George,

Been there before. What I did was take some fine grit sandpaper and sanded the outside of the filler tube until it was really smooth. I wiped it off with alcohol just to be sure it had no particles on it and then I took some cooking oil ( you could probably use some type of automotive oil but I didn't and still don't know what would be safe with gas )and wiped the filler tube and filler receptacle with it thoroughly. I took a flat piece of wood that matched the entire size of the tank and put it between the tank and a floor jack. I lined up the tank as best as I could leaving the straps off. Then, I had a friend hold the tank while I twisted the filler tube left to right until it seated properly. I then hooked up the straps to see if it was correct and it worked. I hope this helps.


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