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P/B 727 with Gear Vendors best, if you have the money

From: Daven Anderson
Date: April 07, 2001


If you want overdrive in your F/L car,the BEST setup would be the pushbutton 727 with a Gear Vendors gear splitter. This will cost a couple thousand more than say an A518,but it would be worth it.

Installation of the 727/GV combo is much easier than installing the A518 (especially if you were fabricating the pushbutton lever shifting setup!). The 727/GV combo is smaller and easier to fit in the car than the A518. The Gear Vendors splitter will operate as a 'four speed' (1-2-3-OD) OR as a 'six speed' (1-1OD-2-20D-3-3OD) with a flick of a switch. The Gear Vendors is rated for 1200 hp (!) STOCK and can be modified to take over 2000 hp. (That's a fair bit stronger than the overdrive tail of the A518!). I've seen a 727 and a C6 both literally explode their cases in drag cars and not harm the Gear Vendors splitters behind them! (This can be a good way to get a used one!).

The extra cost of the G.V. may be more justifiable when the alternative is a pushbutton controlled A518,that will be far more complicated to set up than the 727/GV (especially if the A518 needs floorpan mods,which the smaller GV unit won't.)

Something to think about....


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