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My '60 Ply. wagon HAS a '70 Sport Fury rearend

From: Daven Anderson
Date: April 09, 2001


My '60 wagon has a '70 Sport Fury (3:55 Sure-Grip) rearend and it looks like it came with the car! Widthwise it's 'the same' for any practical purposes. The Dodge/Ply. C-body rearends are a bit narrower than the Chrysler C-body rears,so they are the best to swap in a '57-61 car,generally speaking. (Occasionally B-body rears should be used,especially if you wanted to run real wide tires and/or if you have a '60-61 non-wagon Dodge/Ply. which have less wheeelwell clearance than '57-59's)


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