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I am REALLY beginning to hate that feeling...  And losing my Brakes.

From: John S.
Date: April 10, 2001


Greetings to all. I was pointed to Forwardlook by another Mopar owner. I own a 1949 Dodge Meadowbrook (same as a 4dr Coronet), that is in original/restored condition. As most of you have probably done, Sunday was a nice day and I decided to take Mable (thats my cars name) out for a walk. She fired right up, even though she has been sleeping since last spring (A growing family keep her in the garage all year), which pleased me. As I started to roll out of the garage, the brake pedal sank to the floor... OHHHH Shoot... This is the second time since 1997 that I have lost the brakes in the car.

Here are my questions?

1) What is the best way to seperate the front and rear brakes, so that if I do lost one set, I don't lose both? 2) What dual chamber master cylinders can I use and mount in the stock location (under the floor) without altering my car? 3) Can I upgrade to self adjusting drum brakes? 4) Final question. What parts and years of Chrysler products can I use so that I do not have to alter my suspension, wheels, etc?

Please help. It is getting close to spring and my daughter is wanting to take a ride. My grandmother is too. She allows me to store the car in her spare garage stall in the winter and was very disappointed when I told her that I couldn't take her for a ride last Sunday.

Thank you.

John D. Swanson Bloomington, IL


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