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Re: Control Your Brat!!

From: Frank J. Worsham, Jr.
Date: May 01, 2001


Get 'em good Brian. I'm only 21 but, when I was younger, my father would have beat my a@! good if I so much as touched a classic or got to close to it and he's not a car guy either. The problem is that most parents today just don't give a crap about discipline. Of course, some things can be said about adults too. While at a local Burger dump we have a cruise night. One night I had to hold a friend back from beating the crap out of some middle-aged guy who thought my friend's (who's 20) 59 new yorker was a good place to lean up against and talk to his friends while he had metal keys sticking out of his back pocket. I think in general everybody who does not restore or enjoy owning a classic has no respect and thinks they're just cars. They have much to learn. They wouldn't like it if I hopped up and did a dance on their hood though.


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