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Re: Hubcaps on 300C and 300D

From: Wayne Graefen
Date: May 02, 2001


The basic stamping of the 300C and 300D hubcaps is identical. The center cones (about 3" diameter are different. For the 300C, the hubcap is painted flag red in the center depression and argent silver in the outer edge rectangles. For the 300D, the hubcap is painted flag red in both the center depression and the outer edge rectangles. The 300C center cone is all 4 piece chrome or stainless (two types during production) whereas the 300D center cone was 1 piece chrome pot metal but the center was open to take the familiar red/white/blue plastic medallion. I am the author of the 1957 Chrysler 300C Handbook for restoration and judging.


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