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Tranny interchange

From: Kevin Mueller
Date: May 10, 2001


From what I've been able to learn a torqueflite (3 spd) and a Powerflite (2spd.) were offered on both the 318 and the 361 / 350. from 58 - 61 across the line.

Either tranny SEEMS to have been the same regardless of motor size, but bell housings were different as the larger motors had different bolt patterns. (These bell housings were removeable from the trannys)

What I need to know is:

Can a Torqueflite off a 361 be put on a 318 Bell housing that had a powerflight pulled off of it?

I believe that answer is yes.

Here's the big question:

Can the original 318/Powerflite's TORQUE CONVERTER be used on the torqueflite (off of the larger 361)?

Or is there something that makes this Torqueflight tranny fit only a larger engines torque converter, such as spline size on the input shaft? (This would mean there was a difference in the trannys after all, dependent upon engine size)

I want to put the torqueflite off the 361 onto the 318 in my 58 Plymouth.

I already have the correct pushbutton set for the changeover.

Please Help!




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