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Rear KYB's for '57-61 longer than '65-up C-bodies

From: Daven Anderson
Date: May 10, 2001


I have KYB Gas-A-Justs on my '61 Fury. My FRONT shocks are the '65-68 Fury application,with " or so cut off each end of their top bushing they will fit the 57-61 application. The rear shocks listed for '57-61 full size Mopars are over 3" longer than the '65-68 rear C-body shocks.

The KYB part numbers for the '57-61 rear shocks are 1348321,1348332,1348343 and 1348354. (for the '65-68 C-body shocks,they are 1347588,1347589 and 1347601)


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