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Torqueflite A-466

From: Daven Anderson
Date: May 19, 2001


ANY properly rebuilt Torqueflite should be very reliable. Be aware that in 1962,the crankshaft flanges on ALL A and B series V8's changed from 8 bolt to 6 bolt,AND the earlier V8 crank flanges protrude farther out than the '62-up flanges. To swap to a 727, you'd either have to use a '62-up engine or install a '62-up crankshaft in the 1961 engine (since 727's are designed for the '62-up flanges). The bellhousing patterns stayed the same (for the respective A and B engines),but the additional length of the 58-61 B crank flange will keep the 727 from fitting the engine. Using the shorter flange '62-up crank in the '58-61 blocks will get the 727 to bolt to the block.


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