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1962 Chrysler Disc Brake Conversion

From: Matt Allyn
Date: May 22, 2001


Just finished installing a disc brake conversion on the front of my 1962 New Yorker Wagon. I bought the kit from AAJ, Inc. @ (503) 774-2626. WOW! A Chrysler that stops and can still make a u-turn! I had a conversion done years ago on my 1962 300 with junkyard parts and ended up with rotors that had been turned for the last time and no turning radius (due to the need to cut down the tie-rods). Now I can't wait to put one of these AAJ kits on my 300. The kit supplies everything but the flex hoses, banjo bolts and dust caps, though these parts are simple enought to purchase from any parts house. The other items needed are a porportioning valve and dual master cylindar. The car does not even need to be re-aligned, once installed, and it's truly amazing the first time you hit those brakes! I inquired on plenty of brake kits that are available and spoke to a lot of Chrysler people through the 300 club before deciding. I really believe that I made the right decision going with the AAJ, Inc. kit. If anyone wants to know more, feel free to contact me. Matt Allyn


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