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The AAJ kit sure saves a lot of headaches

From: Daven Anderson
Date: May 24, 2001


Possibly the best thing about the AAJ kit is that now maybe we won't see Forward Look cars with B,F and M body disc swaps that screw up the front end geometry and turning radius,like what happened to Matt's 300. Now thanks to the AAJ kit even a correct swap of C-body disc parts is unnecessary for any stock engine Forward Look car driven at regular US traffic speeds. PLUS you can keep your 14" wheels and hubcaps,which is very desirable if your car is a 'show' kind of car. You really would have to have a hotrod 400+ HP Forward Look car to justify all the bother of the C-body disc swap and its 12" rotors vs. the AAJ's 11" rotors. And if you have 400+ HP under the hood,the 15"+ wheels required of the C-body swap should be on the car anyway!


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