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Shoes might SEEM dry,but....

From: Daven Anderson
Date: May 28, 2001


I had this problem on the right front brake on my '60 wagon back when it still had front drum brakes. It had a "micro" leak in the bottom wheel cylinder,in which if the car was left sitting more than a week just enough brake fluid would get on the shoe to lock up the brake the first couple of pedal applications. Catch is,even after I replaced the wheel cylinder,so much fluid had beeen absorbed by the bottom shoe over time that it STILL locked up when cold. I put the shoe in a hot tank THREE TIMES and it still did it,at which point I gave up and had it relined. So the point is is that under certain conditions the linings can absorb brake fluid,SEEM dry on inspection but still have enough fluid in it to cause the problem. AND if hot tanking or solvents won't even get it out,then new linings are in order.


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