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Re: Manifolds do interchange

From: More Confusion
Date: May 30, 2001


This from mrrodder website:

"Within divisions some parts will also interchange. Although some low block and high block cylinder heads will interchange care must be taken when considering certain combinations. For example 392 heads are wider than earlier low block (332-354) heads. This allows the earlier intake manifolds to be used on stock 392ís, however when using early (low block) manifolds and heads on a 392 block spacers must be used because the higher deck height of the 392 will align the intake manifold mating surfaces too far apart. Conversely 392 heads won't work on a low block (331 or 354) hemi unless you use a log manifold because the lower deck height of the 331-354 combined with the longer intake runners in the 392 heads will align the intake manifold mating surfaces too close together to use a standard manifolds.

Hemi heads will fit poly blocks of the same family but will not fit "A" series poly motors. Chrysler 331 hemi heads can be used on the 301 and 331 Polys, and 354 hemi heads can be used on 354 Polys. No camshafts will interchange between low and high blocks of any engine family because of differing lifter bore angles."


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