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Could be lots of things...

From: Brian Cooper
Date: June 06, 2001


You stated that you replaced all six wheel cyl. and the master cyl., did you bench bleed the master cyl.? Have you pressure bled them to be sure you have all the air out? Could one of your steel lines be rusted and letting air in? Have you adjusted the shoes with all eight adjsuters? If the car is power brake, is the booster working properly? Could you perhaps have a fitting that isn't COMPLETELY tight and leaking air? Are your shoes in good dry shape and not spongy themselves? Did you double check the brake light switch (or replace it, a mustang switch is a cheap replacement that looks and functions perfectly for less dough)? I have had them leak and drain out my master cyl.

I hope I asked a question you might have missed. It is usually the silliest little thing you overlooked that drives you mad for months!!

Brian C.


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