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'62-.64 B-Body 318/727 pair

From: Daven Anderson
Date: June 13, 2001


A really good budget swap for your car would be to get a 318 poly and the 727 Torqueflite out of a '62-64 B-body Dodge/Plymouth. The 727 weighs 65 lbs. less than the '57-61 A-413 Torqueflite, is easier to get parts for, and will shift with '57 Torqueflite dash pushbuttons. A person making a 'max wedge' clone usually will be selling the 318/727 for very cheap and will be GLAD to have you take it off their hands! (a few have even got the 318/727 pair for FREE in this case!)

Add a four barrel carb,a dual 2" pipe exhaust and maybe a little hotter cam and you will have good performance,better gas mileage than the stock 301-318 polys,and the poly 318 and A-727 are both renowned for very long durability to boot!


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