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From: rich
Date: July 01, 2001


The engine is in, pulley is on, engine runs great but the overdrive does not seem to be working. When I disconnected the wiring to the overdrive solenoid I marked the red and black but didn't realize that the solenoid wiring had been redone in different colors. Finally got around to rewiring it today, since about 2 months ago when I first attemted the solenoid wires broke and were about two inces short, the wiring schematics show hardly anything. Can anyone out there tell me which wire is to be connected to which red being the wire going to outer plate and black going to main part of solenoid? I've also have a question about the oil pressure switch, has anyone had one of these leak, not from the block to switch but from within the switch itself? After 15 minutes of the engine running I get a good amount of leakage and the light turns on, I hope it's just the switch!!! Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks Rich...


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