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New Found Paint!

From: Brian Cooper
Date: July 03, 2001


I found a great paint that is perfect for frames, underhood, brackets, etc. It is Caterpillar bulldozer paint available at any Cat dealer. It is cheap (@$25 per gallon) and easy to apply. I poured it straight into the paint gun and shot it on my truck frame with no reducer. It calls for 10:1 reducing with mineral spirits if you want to reduce it. I don't know what colors are available, but I used a satin black and I know yellow and gloss black are available.

This stuff is TOUGH!! I got overspray on some areas that I had no sandblasted yet, and it was very hard to blast off, in fact the rust around it came off and the paint was still sticking. This stuff is also it's own primer. I read the directions several times, and yes, there is no need for any primer. I had primer on half of my frame, and none on the other half, and the paint stuck great to both sides. It doesn't blister primer up, but it just does not need it at all!! Don't fool youself into thinking this is a replacement for POR-15, you must remove all rust first, but it is just as tough as POR when dried, but resist sunlight as well. Try this stuff, and you WILL love it!!


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