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Re: Questions that need answers, not more problems

From: Adam Green
Date: July 04, 2001


Brian, Sorry if it seems like my previous answer gave you more problems. I must have mis-read your question although it wasn't that clear. I think that all 57's came with an 8 3/4" axle although I don't know about the Dodge truck. I suppose the simple way would be to ask, do they look the same? If you pull both centre sections and the number of bolts and splines are correct, then just fit it. If it's different, then you have answered your own question. Furthermore, it's not a big deal really to cut the spring perches off and re-weld them somewhere else. As for the press fit drums, it's not a question of lazyness but getting them apart without damage. I heated the ends of mine cherry red and used a big puller but only suceeded in bending the drums into a conical shape where the wheel bolt holes are. They really are tough to work on and find parts for. Best of luck though if you decide to keep them.


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