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From: alumcan
Email:                    (304) 296-1954
Date: July 08, 2001


LOOKEY HERE!! ATTENTION!! ALL OF YOU CHRISTINE EXPERTS, (OR THE WHOLE FORWARDLOOK MEMBERSHIP FOR THAT MATTER! YOU TOO DAVE, BERNIE!) TEST YOUR KNOWLEGE! THINK YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE MOVIE!? WELL, THEN AWNSER 'THIS' QUESTION! "HOW MANY PEOPLE DID CHRISTINE KILL IN THE MOVIE"? You gotta' think real hard now. The awnser will surprise you! I missed the awnser, got mad because I thought that I was right, and was watching the 'uncut' version for the second time writing down in order as someone got killed. When my smart(censored), 16 year old daughter, who has a vast knowelege of useless 'horror movie' trivia, not only knew the correct awnser, but ratteled them off by name! She has only seen the movie three times! The 'uncut' version once and the 'cut' version on HBO twice! If I'm NOT busy tomorrow night, I'll post the correct awnser. That is, if no one can guess it. How many want to try and guess!???


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