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From: Mike "Pony" Poniatowski
Date: July 09, 2001


OK, I'll be brave and try. This is from memory, as I haven't seen the movie in a while. My guess would be 9. Starting with the guy at the factory who dropped cigar ashes on the seat, then George Lebay explains that his brother's wife & kid died in her (he explained that his brother died a few weeks ago but doesn't say if it was in the car or related to the car, and when his brother sold it the first time when "the car came back" you can't be certain that it didn't kill it's 2nd owner, but you can't be sure that it did either) Then it runs down Moochie, and pulls a tri-fector on Buddie, Don and Richie at the gas station, followed by squeezing Darnell. Then I don't know if you wanna include Arnie as a car's death (since it looked more like plate glass sticking in him than car windshield glass) but I guess we'll credit the car for that one too. This is all from memory, but it is a good question, let me know how I did. Got any other good movie Trivia questions?.................Pony


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