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Anyone else remember the movie trailer for "Christine"?

From: Daven Anderson
Date: July 09, 2001


One evening in 1983,five teenagers go to see a movie. Daven Anderson picks up the other 4 in his 1961 Fury sedan. They get out,buy tickets and sit down. The lights dim. A movie trailer comes on. A narrator is talking about how a young man named Arnie loves a forbidden woman. We see illuminated curves that suggest the curves of an attractive nude woman silhoutted in darkness.

Then the narrator drops the verbal bomb,saying "Christine is a 1958 Plymouth Fury". The audience now knows the curves were that of the car's chrome trim! The other 4 teens who had ridden in with Daven in his '61 Fury simultaneously and instantly turned to stare at him the moment the narrator said that sentence! Daven laughs and says "Guess what movie I'll take you to NEXT?!" (2 months later,I did,and in a DRIVE-IN,no less!)

I've forgotten what movie we were there to see, but I can remember that 'Christine' trailer like I saw it last night! Most DVD's have the movie's trailers on them (even '50's movies!),but not on the "Christine" DVD. I wonder why? Maybe it's lost. That would be a tragedy. It was a great 'mini-film' in its own right.....


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