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BIG mistakes in the movie "Christine"

From: Dean
Date: July 09, 2001


The 1958 Plymouth int the movie is supposed to be a Fury, but it is very clearly a Belvedere. Furys have gold side trim, grills, a silver "V" emblem and ONLY came in Buckskin Beige. The Belvederes had silver side trim and grills, a gold "V" emblem and came in a large variety of colores and variations. The car in "Christine" follows the description of the Belvedere. Some people might say. "well the car in the movie has a dual quad 350 Golden Comando V8" (the most popular Fury engine) The Belvedere in the movie was special ordered with it. Most Belvederes have 318s, but you could get them with the Golden Comando. Also, something like 16 Plymouths were used in the movie. And another thing....When the car is on the production line, the lower grille is silver (which it realy should be) When Arnie buys it, it is red. When the car ia all restored, it is silver again. When it gets trashed, it is red, and finaly in the end of the movie where it gets crushed, the grille changes from red to silver back and forth SEVERAL times in the same scene. Watch the movie and see!!


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