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Re: Anyone else remember the movie trailer for "Christine"?

From: alumcan
Email:          (304) 296-1954
Date: July 10, 2001


Daven, I think I have a copy of that movie trailer. I can't view it because it's 35mm. There is a local drive-in theater here, that is run by a bunch of nice people. Meaning, you can turn your pick-ups, SUVs around backwards, vans sideways, bring couches, chairs, sleeping bags, cooking grills, all kinds of kids, and have a grand old time! This drive-in absoutly refused to show porno during the period (70's early 80's)when drive-ins had to show porno to just to break even. You ought to see this place now, unchanged since the very early sixtys! You have to get there AT LEAST a hour ahead of time just to get a decent parking place, so you can set your 'spread' up. Some one usually gets a soft ball game goin' or a frisby contest. The camra guy comes along and says 'howdy'. One of these times I might get up the nerve and ask him if there is any possibility he could hook up this trailer and let us view it. Anyway, I'm planning to come up to Carlise this comming Sunday, know of a 'good' movie projector? I'd bring my trailer along,,,,,some genious ought to be able to copy it over to a tape or something. I remember hearing someplace that it's illegal for a private individual to have any kind of 35mm films. Any truth to that?


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