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From: alumcan
Email:          (304) 296-1954
Date: July 10, 2001


Like you, I have lost track of how many times I've seen the movie. I know that it wasn't as many times as you! I know that when it came out, the only reason that I wanted to see the movie, was to see if they actually used '58 Plymouths and not something else. My wife said that if I covered my eyes, that she was going to leave. I cannot watch any horror type movies what-so-ever! I have a extreamly bad night mare problem. Even being labeled as a 'Crusty old Fart! My wife says that I've jumped out of bed and litteraly ran screaming full bore into the wall, and once through a closed door. (That hurts!) The movie really didn't bother me that much. Now my 16 year old daughter, that's all she watches, is horror movies. Old, new, inbetween, and she knows just about all of the trivia, or any 'goofs' dealing with horror movies. Now the cassette tape soundtrack, that's a whole nother story. Right after the movie I bought a Johnny Horton and a Christine cassette tape. I played them both so much that all of the lettering on the plastic cases had wore off, that I didn't know which tape was which. Finally the dadburn cassette player 'ate' both of them. I have since repalced the Johnny Horton tape, but I can not find the cassette tape version of Christine. (any body out there wanna sell their extra copy?) Several people on E-Bay that buy/sell nothing but music, have told me that a cassette tape versipon was never made. I must have had the only one then. Proclaim youself as the official record holder! LOL


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