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From: alumcan
Date: July 10, 2001


WHAT SONGS USED IN THE MOVIE, WERE 'NOT' USED ON ANY OF THE SOUNDTRACKS?? This is an easy one. I thought you guys knew about the big Christine web site at the bottom of the main page?? Scroll all the way down and click on NEXT. There is a whole list of movie goofs/trivia. (None of my questions came from it. Just my daughter.) Plus a questionair about whether you would like to see a sequal/Christine Part II. I put my two cents in, (in six parts) about my idea on how to wreck 216 Plymouths instead of just 16! The idea cam from the Tucker movie. I haven't seen it, but this Christine web site, said that there was a Christine on Quantum Leap! That Sam gave the idea for Cujo, and Christine to a young Stephen King. Weird. I'll post the correct awnser for the song question tomorrow. As far as 'prizes', there 'haint none' About the only thing I can say is, If you were able to guess the correct awnser, you get that 'warm feeling.' About the same feeling you get when you pee yourself in a dark suit. You have a warm feeling, but nobody really notices.


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