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Re: How do we research these cars?...

From: alumcan
Email:           (304) 296-1954
Date: July 11, 2001


Steve, let me give you what I've found out through the decades. If, and that is one great big 'if', you belong to the Michigan 300 club, youy take a pencil rub of the data plate on the core support, send it to a guy in Flordia, and he'll send you back a old computer card print out, and desifher it for you. Two or three years ago I happined to be up at Carlisle talking to Dave, (the guy that has this Forward Look web site) about his '58 he's fixing up. I mentioned that I had a nice motor that woulkd be right at home in his car. He mentioned that then it wouldn"t be orginal. I said that how would any one know, there is no serial number desigantion on which V-8 cam in the car. He said that if you do a pencil rub of the serial number, (I think) he knew where you could send it, and get one of those old computer card print outs, like the 300 people do, and that tells you exactly how your 'pride and joy' left Mother MoPar's,,,,,,,,well, you get the picture. If you're going to Carlisle this weekend, look Dave up and ask him just how you go about doing a serial number check. Good Luck.


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