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Re: Are there any '58 Plymouths in the Northeast??

From: Mike 'Pony" Poniatowski
Date: July 11, 2001


Just wondering EXACTLY what are you looking for, and how much did you want to spend? I mean you're not gonna find a 2 door hardtop belv. or Fury in decent driving shape with a dual quad V8 & great interior for 2k. I live in Chicago, and looked for almost a year before I found a decent 58 Plymouth in my price range, and when i did find one that was decent (not rusted to pieces, not screwed up wires, and that i could actually drive home) it wound up being a 4 door sedan. They're still out there, but you usually have to drive a bit to see them, and most of the time they're not all that the owner says they are. then again, you're not exactly in a rust free state either. Good luck, and don't loose faith......


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