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Re: Thoughts about the restoration hobby

From: adam in australia
Date: July 11, 2001


Boyd, I totally agree with your comments. I restored a local Aussie Chrysler for show purposes, which cost me a fortune..I didnt really enjoy owning the car for show purposes as much as if it was just a great street driven show stopper, Who needed pimple faced teenagers or grumpy jealous old men at shows, telling me what was and wasnt correct in my restoration..Usually these types of knockers dont even have a car of the quality of your own vehicle..Secondly who needs a car that you are too freightened to drive near a dirt road, (Australia has heaps), or then again drive on ANY road,..I can agree that owning a car, for show purposes is great, people admiring it etc, but at the end of day, why do we restore cars in the first place??..We do it for our own satisfaction..Some people want to do the very best they can do, and let others judge them on their efforts..The problem is with the Australian Mopar scene, is that a lot of the judges are fellow club members, (yes no prizes for guessing who usually ends up with the trophies), or a judge from another club eg FORD club, who has little to no knowledge of an authentic Chrysler restoration..Oh, another thing, our Australian standards are years behind in the quality of the USA standards,..But, we are getting better..Thats my two cents worth..


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