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Is this Plymouth a good deal??

From: Dean
Date: July 11, 2001


Ive been looking everywhere for a 2drht 1958 Plymouth Belvedere. I finaly found one for $2500 but im not sure if its a good deal for what it is. (I kinda think it needs too much work..) It doesnt have an engine, but he says he'll throw in a 318 for free. It has a cracked winshield (which I imagine would be hard to replace) and the interior needs to be redone. All the chrome is there and in surprisingly good shape. The rust doesnt look too bad, its got the ussual rust over the headlights and rocker pannels. He said hed also throw in a pair of '57 front fenders that are rust free to put on their. The only dent it has is a very small one on the trunk. I think it might come with new rockers (?) What do you guys think???


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