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To restore or not to restore????

From: Dean
Date: July 12, 2001


This doesnt have anything to do with Forward look cars but i need some advice on what to do with my old car. About eight years ago i bought a 1959 Ford Custom 300 2drht for $600. It was in beter condition then than it is now. I need to decide if im gona restore it or sell it now because any longer and there wont be much to restore. its a VERY straight car, with minimal rust in a few areas, the rocker pannels are rotted out, and as a result of rolling down a hill backwards with the door open and hitting a tree, the passenger side door glass is smashed, the hinges are bent, and there is a 1 inch wide, 11 inch long dent from where the door pushed into the fender. Its got an original 223 6 cylinder (which always did start but wont now because of a cloged fuel line(?)) which needs a rebuild and i just recently lost the brakes. the interior isnt too needs a new headliner (and realy a new front seat but thats not too bad so i think ill leave it) and it needs the floor mat. The frame is in perfect condition. Its also got 4 brand new Cooper tires with '60s mags. Should i sell it or is it worth restoring? What do you guys think??


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