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From: james
Date: July 13, 2001


my idea of restoration is a real strange on If you dont have the money to fix evrything to original first off don't do anyhting ireversable tot he car, I am 17 and own a 1957 belevedere that I bought for 150$ it was advetised as a parts car and I thought I would part it out but I desided it was to nice to part out the motor ran with a week worth of tinkering. I don't have a lot of money so I am doing all the work myself I may just prime the car white throw a blanket on the front seats and cruise around with my freinds ( coolest and most comfortable cruising car). I also have a 1956 dodge pickup that I want to get driving with little cash involveded. the bottom line is that even cars this old are meant to be driven not just shown, trucks are menat to haul a load not driven like cars. If anybody disagrees or shares my opinion post what you think. Also my new love is a 1950 plymouth 2 door for 700$ with good original paint and a rebuilt motor.


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