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That car was painted "59 Caddy-style" pink

From: Daven Anderson
Date: July 14, 2001


There WAS a salmon color for 1961 Plymouths which many people call 'pink',but it's definitely NOT like the "59 Caddy-style" bright pastel pink that this Fury was repainted in. The diner repainted this car for a "50's effect" [?!?].

I can accept the factory salmon,but THIS kind of pink just doesn't fit the car! (even if the driver was a woman/homosexual/whatever....) And I'm surprised that the diner couldn't find a more '50's type of car in Grand Junction,Colorado! They should have done this to,say a '58 Olds four door or something.... I don't think a '61 Plymouth suggests "'50's" to most people....

The only "pink" Plymouths I really like are Panther Pink 'Cudas! (that's a WORLD away from pastel pink!).

I wonder what color the new owner's gonna paint that '61 ragtop?


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