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Re: Dont knock Pink..Its the best color for a 50s Mopar

From: alumcan
Date: July 17, 2001


Your DeSoto doesn't look bad at all pink. I just can't picture a someone painting a 'bread and butter' Plymouth pink, unless they were gueer or something. Some cars just DON'T look right painted PINK! I think a Plymouth is one of them! I saw a, I think it was a '61 Imperial Convt. painted pink, with white and pink leather interior, it was badly worn. (Where would someone get a pink hide at?) The rest of the car LOOKED GREAT I thought. Wire wheels, wide whites and all! The car was VERY straight and you could read a newspaper at ten paces. Big cruzers like that, and your DeSoto look GOOD pink. Same way, I don't think a Chevy Impala, or a Ford Galaxy 500 would look good pink either. My opinion, and yours from 'down under' is what makes the world go 'round! Is that your 'Aussie' Charger pictures in that cars in barns web site? I remember reading several years ago about a bunch of rich brothers went and got one of those Chargers, and shipped it over here. If I remember right, there was a bunch of legal mumble-jumble, that they almost couldn't unload the thing off of the ship. Oh well. Each to his own.


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