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australia still has Finned Mopars

From: adam in australia
Date: July 22, 2001


There is still quite a few finned Mopars still in Australia..I probably know of 4-5 57 300Cs, just sitting in sheds or one of them in the open weather, but of course none of them are for sale..There is still a few 4 door 1958-1959 Desoto, Dodge and Plymouth cars around, but are all RHD, (we used the 58 Dodge dash), but they certainly arent daily driven cars..Certain parts of Asia there is some good finned Mopars still around, I remember a friend of mine telling me of a 1957 Imperial convertible, which was a low mileage original, in Thailand (?), just sitting and waiting for a new owner, by the time I got hold of the story, the car was long gone..I think the car went pretty cheap too..I had a 1960 Desoto Diplomat, from Malaysia, that was built RHD, it was built for Prime Minister at the time,..Oh, I used to own a 65 Imperial that LBJ, used for a brief stint on his tour here, which was also used by the US ambassodor as his daily runaround, it even had the flag holders on the guards..


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