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Re: Fibergalss Couch./Yo-Yo's Cutting up good cars!

From: alumcan
Email:           (303) 296-1954
Date: July 22, 2001


Daven, you must have been in the middle of the Japanese invasion of our junk yards. I remember in the late 70's and the early 80's just about every major junk yard I was in, either had a big sign, "NO REAR CLIPS TO JAPS" or just about every 1950's car reguardless of condition or body style had the rear clip cut off! Two cars that I remember VERY well, one, was one of those, top of the line '56 Packards, (Patrician?) 4-door sedan, dark blue, straight as a mirror, NO RUST, tinted glass, power everything, even FACTORY AIR! The motor compartment was still intact, the carb., air cleaner, and the front bumper was all that was missing. The thing still had all 4 WIRE WHEELS! To a Packard guy, THIS CAR SHOULD have been put into someone's building. (censored) NO! some (censored) had cut the rear clip off! The other car I remember was a '55 Chevy Convt. A red and cream, NO RUST, NICE AND STRAIGHT, there was no motor/trans., hood, or grille. The top was up, and someone had at one time tied roofing tin to keep the weather out of the inside. This car had been raised up off of the ground ALL the way around. (Probably to get to the rear of the motor) But again, some (censored) cut the heavy rope holding the tin on just to get one piece of tin, so they could lay on to get to the underneath to take the clip off! ( I always used floor mats to lay on) I totaly agree with you! There were several other good cars that probably got totaly runined that shouldn't have. Then on the OTHER side of the coin, I remember a '55 Ford that had the usual tree growing up where the motor use to be, and the body was litteraly falling off of the frame! There was fresh evidence of someone cutting the rear clip. They couldn't have gotten much! The thing would have crumbled with not much handling! I wouldn't have wasted my time on trying to get anything off of that car. Even if it was a MoPar, it was just too far gone! Even the frame was rusted in two! But someone wanted to make a '55 Ford couch awful bad. See, what was told to me, that the Japanese were paying very high prices for as many 1950's rear clips as they could find, and sending them back to Japan. I guess that some WWII vets, who had yards, still had hatered towards the Japanese for what they had done to the American GI's in the Pacific/Batan/Pearl, that they just wouldn't sell to them, no matter how much money they were willing to pay. Again, NOT ONE person can save everything that needs to be saved. If they did/could, there would be that little monster that would pop up called GREED! In that, 'cars in barn' web site that Adam found, there was this Super Bee? Convt., and other big block MoPar muscle convts. that this yard owner had. He wanted big bucks. More than they were worth, I take it. Anyway they quoted him saying, "I'll mash 'em before anyone makes any money of of 'em!" That GREED monster, that somehow manages to get into people, is one great big S.O.B.!! They're afrad that someone is going to 'make money' off of something they sell. I always try to TRADE something. SO WHAT if one item is worth more than the other. If it's in my favor, lotty-whoop! If it isn't, oh well, that means that I saved by not having to out and look for that piece. Anyway, getting back to the orginal story. There are not as many 50's cars out there that are junk enough to cut the rear clip off to make couches any more. The cost along is a deturent. Two-three hundred dollars for paint, around a thousand for chrome plating, and probably two-three hundred for up-holstery. I'd rather take that money, or part of it and put in in my 300 convt. jar. Daven, can you tell me how to 'post' a picture on this site. My wife has two pictures of that NYer in or on JPEG. Could you please, tell me, step by step, how to get them out, and onto this site! Just to proove that I DIDN'T cut up a perfect car, that it's NOT worth what it would cost to send one of my daughters through WVU!! Thanks.


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