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Re: australia still has Finned Mopars/ WHOO-HAW!!

From: adam in australia
Date: July 23, 2001


The 300C thats sitting outside, is a car that is almost too far gone to be restored, but the owner doesnt want to sell it, for any price, so I doubt he would sell just the emblems off it.. The other 300Cs are all in different states, an Aussie collector I know of has them sitting and collecting dust, the local one, that Im interested in was going for the right price too, about $13,000 US, but it wasnt a matching no.s car, so I was a little put off..Also, the guy who owned it was always hard to track down, and we could never meet to make a decent time to discuss the car/price..But, Im still on the look out for other finned Mopars, usually they were left over from the Woomera Air base, where all the American soldiers brought them in for free (on the planes) and drove them around whilst they did their service here and just left them, most of the farmers took them at the time and now almost all are gone, but occasionally they pop up..As for posting pics I dont know, all as I did was upload the image onto the internet, and listed the link for it on my post..You might need a File transfer protocol to upload the image though, if you havent got one, you can Email me the Jpeg, and I can upload the image on my webspace..


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