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Guess who bought a complete rear clip once? ME!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: July 24, 2001


Back in the '80's, my '62 Fury was rear-ended by a drunk driver. I was glad that the clip had not (yet?) turned in to a '62 Fury couch! Yes,alumcan, the owner of this now-gone junkyard had a "no rear clips for export" sign,but since I drove up in my Fury complete with smashed rear,he could see that I really needed it! Yes this (now-dead) guy was a WWII vet,and he was quite happy he was selling a clip to someone who was actually going to use it to fix a car.

Don't worry,alumcan,I have seen many a car beyond restoration,a couple of which were even RUNNING but nevertheless so rusted and trashed they were still only practical for parts cars! I wasn't assuming you had cut up a mint '58 N.Y....

I've seen THREE 'glass Cobra couches,seems to be "what to do" with wavy glass Cobra kit bodies! BUT more importantly,I've seen a fiberglass '57 Chevy couch,which the mold was made off of a complete '57 Two-Ten sedan parts car. The 'glass skin was one piece,so the tailights and chrome trim were painted in red and chrome paints. A more ambitious couch design could have been molded with slots and recesses to take repro '57 Chevy taillights,bumper and (cut) side trim.


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